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I am here to release you from this world to save you to send you to your eternal rest I am real believe in me
snackl3m0re said: Well, that's good. Killed anyone recently?

Check out my personal blog pls or ILL KILL YOU

snackl3m0re said: How are you today?


snackl3m0re said: Hello Slendy.


Anonymous said: Please let me be! I want to resist your call!

justwanttobesomuch said: How do you feel about people calling you Slendy? What do you think about your fans that think you're "cute"?

døesn’t bøther me and I døn’t care

Anonymous said: Why me??

because yøu are yøu

j3rboa-deactivated20140702 said: I bet you're just a lonely guy that wants to go out on a date but everyone keeps running away...I will gladly do that with you, if you wish.

I døn’t knøw høw tø respønd

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